Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to school

Julie's top ten Tuesday this week was back to school. She did the top 10 things she hates, I think I will do the top 10 things I love. Though, in no particular order.

** I actually love the scheduling of it. I wish school didn't last quite so long, but I really like a schedule. For me, the busiest part of the day is the morning. Don't call me between 6:30 and 7:40 in the morning. I don't have time to talk. But I love that I know when things will happen. Olive is going to school every morning this year, so every morning is pretty much the same.

** This might just be an extension of the scheduling one, but I love early bed times. The kids are so tired that it's not a fight to get them in bed by 8:00. (Well, ok, sometimes it's a fight, but not nearly so often!)

** Another extension of the scheduling is that during the school year, I get to the gym much more regularly. I drop the kids off and stop at the gym. 45-60 min of exercise and a quick shower and I am home, dressed and showered for the day by 9:30! For me, that is something!

** I love watching my kids succeed. Aspen has always been a natural learner. It is very easy for her to pick things up. So, naturally, she is a whiz at school. I love seeing her shine and get things and be so good at what she loves. Cedar isn't as natural of a learner, but this year he has surprised me. I always knew he was a whiz at math, but he was put into the top reading group and he is doing amazingly well.

** I love that my kids love to read. School has brought out extra chances for them to read and love it. Cedar is deep into "The Magic Tree House" series. It is the same series that got aspen hooked on chapter books. I looked for Mary Pope Osborne's email address, but couldn't find it. I really want to thank her for helping my kids love to read.

** I love that Olive is going to the same preschool that Aspen and Cedar went to. I think that she thinks that she owns the place. It's in a Methodist church, and not only does she have the teachers wrapped around her finger, but she is the first of my kids to have the church secretary and the pastor wrapped around her finger.

** I love after school time. Not only is it approaching my favorite season of the year, (Hooray for fall!) But it is a perfect after school play temperature. This year we have homework every night. Aspen and Cedar have spelling words, and Cedar has to read to me for at least 15 min a night and Aspen has to be able to define all of her words. It took a few weeks for us to figure out how to work homework in without it becoming to dreadful. But now it doesn't seem like too much and they are able to get it done fairly quickly and then the beautiful stuff starts to happen. They go outside, or downstairs and play nicely (more than 50% of the time) together!

** I love to carpool! We only do it 2 times a week, but it's the best. There is no way EVER I would send my kids on the bus here. (I better be careful here. Unless tragedy was upon us I would never send my kids on the bus.) It comes at 6:45am. There are kindergarten through 12th graders on and just last year in Knoxville a girl was molested. Not to mention that they wouldn't get home until almost 4:00pm So, since the bus is not an option for me, it's really nice to be able to share rides.

** The kids eat better. They aren't snacking all the time. They eat breakfast, lunch a snack and dinner. And when it's meal time, they eat.

** I saved this one for last because every one would know that I was lying if I didn't include this. I really like a few kid free hours a day. My house isn't necessarily cleaner, but it can be. Everything isn't necessarily done that needs to be, but it is getting worked on. I am finding time to read my scriptures regularly, and it feels kinda nice to have some time.

That's it! That's my top ten back to school list. Yea for school!

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Seth and Julie said...

Good for you for taking the positive spin. I love to watch my kids learn too but I am just too much of a headcase to send my kids away without freaking out. I think we have had a babysitter about 5 times total in 7 years.

As for cleaning during the school year, I think my house got messier today than it has all summer. Alyssa wasn't here to distract Alex so I could clean. I will get back in the swing of it though, I always do.

Thanks for playing.

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