Monday, April 25, 2011

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Linden Tree

To the ancients the Lindens seem to have appealed rather by their utility than by their beauty. It is doubtful whether Aristophanes, in the allusion to the tree in his "Birds," is merely speaking of a rival poet as being light as Linden-wood, or is accusing him more specifically of wearing an effeminate article of dress, strengthened in those days by laths of Linden-wood in place of the whale-bone now usual. Pliny, too, alludes to the lightness of the wood, as well as to the use of the inner bark for paper, when it was known as liber (so becoming extended to books, and giving us the word "library"), and also for tying garlands; whilst Virgil, in the words (Georgics, Book I.):

Linden Tree
"Caeditur et tilia ante jugo levis,

"A light linden-tree also is felled betimes for the yoke," is referring to the use of its wood in the making of the plough.

Botanists must ever look with reverence upon this tree; for whether or not a meadow encircled by a hedgerow of Lindens gave the family name to our own great botanist, Lindley, it is tolerably certain that one of these trees growing near the home of his ancestors furnished a cognomen to a far greater than Lindley, the immortal Carl von Linne, better known as Linnaeus.

Apart from any associations, however, the Lindens are sufficiently beautiful and sufficiently useful to command attention. They are straight-stemmed trees, with smooth bark, either round-topped, or, when more perfectly developed, draped in equal drooping boughs from the ground to their summits, eighty or ninety feet in height, so as to present a grand columnar aspect. Then, as the poet says--

"all about the large lime feathers low--
The lime, a summer home of murmurous wings"

They may reach five, or even nine, feet in diameter, the latter being the size of the famous tree that gave the town of Neustadt, in Wurtemberg, the name of "Neustadt an der grossen Linden." The delicate leaves are lop-sided, heart-shaped, and gracefully toothed along their margins; the greenish flowers, overflowing with honey and sweetly scented, are borne in stalked clusters of three or four on a curious, adherent, leaf-like bract, which becomes of a buff tint; and the fruits that succeed them are small spherical capsules, which but rarely, however, ripen in England.

Though, owing to their retaining their leaves later into the autumn, some American species are recommended as preferable to the above for avenues--the great ornamental use of the Linden--the European forms cannot be denied to have a choice beauty of their own. In early spring, the red-tinted twigs, like branching coral, bear buds which throw off scales, or "stipules," blushing pink and white, only to reveal the first delicate gloss of the tender leaf. The leaves then hang vertically downwards, and the older ones are so folded over the younger as in every way to protect them as far as possible from the nipping effects of excessive radiation in our frosty May nights. It is said, moreover, to be the mode of their arrangement in the buds that produces, as it were mechanically, the graceful one-sidedness in the outline of their base which is not un-common among forest trees. The leaves are also at this season more gracefully tapered at the apex than later, when they increase in breadth; and the charm of their pendent position and bright and graceful greenery naturally suggested cheerfulness to Chaucer, when he wrote, in his "Clerke's Tale" :--

"Be ay of chere as light as lefe on Linde."

It was, too, at this, the season of its virginal beauty, that Mrs. Browning paid her more explicit tribute to the Linden, of which she wrote :--

'Here a Linden-tree stood, bright'ning
All adown its silver rind;
For, as some trees draw the lightning,
So this tree, unto my mind,
Drew to earth the blessed sunshine
From the sky where it was shrined"

In summer its foliage becomes duller in tone, as do most leaves, from the dense accumulation of their green coloring matter, or chlorophyll, and of other substances within their cells. The tree, however, then acquires a new beauty--that of blossom. The curious membranous bracts, of a tint resembling the petals of the mignonette--a tint which gave to the silk-mercer the name tilleul for one of his numerous novelties in aniline--then unfold their inconspicuous flowers. Inconspicuous they may be in their small, regular whorls of greenish organs; but their perfume, and their copious stores of nectar, render them as attractive to the insect world as the most gaily-colored of blossoms, so that the whole tree hums like a vast living hive of bees. The pale-colored honey made by the busy visitors from the Linden blossoms is of excellent quality.

Autumn brings new grace as the foliage turns to yellow, clear in some years as the green of spring; but, alas! even more fleeting. The avenue which has been so full of green and golden light, and scented so sweetly, soon becomes strewn with fallen leaves, from which the green and gold have faded, as the hopes and happiness of youth fade in the autumn of disappointment.

The sap of the Linden can be fermented into an agreeable wine; its wood makes a fine charcoal, and is used for musical instruments, while the bark is in Germany used in the manufacture of cordage.

It seems, however, to be mean and petty to be thinking of the uses to which its dead body can be put, when in the presence of the majestic beauty of a living Linden, rising in its columnar form like some gigantic Norman pillar of verdure from the park or lawn. Were it absolutely useless as timber or for other purposes, were it even destitute of its mellifluous flowers with their delicious perfume, the Linden would yet, for the sake of its form and its foliage alone, deserve to be a favorite tree; and it is fortunate that, though its excessive formation of honey-dew is somewhat of a drawback to its use in gardens, it is fairly able to withstand London smoke, and thus precedes the planes and poplars in enlivening our parks and squares. It submits meekly to the pruning-knife, and, horribile dictu! the saw, of the suburban gardener, and, as a consequence of this patience, may be seen in too many places butchered into carcases that even the beautifying and healing hand of Nature in spring can hardly succeed in rendering aught but repulsive.

It is undoubtedly a regrettable circumstance that, as they precede many other trees in unfolding, so too the leaves of the Linden precede those of most other trees in falling, and remind us, as they litter our lawns, of the approach of autumn. But at that season we still have our planes in full verdure; and even sycamores and horse-chestnuts, not to mention oaks and elms, show no signs as yet of leaving us a mere mass of melancholy boughs.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's Aspen.Here are some pictures of Linden.So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Linden

It's Aspen. For those of you who do not know, John Linden English is here! That is pretty much all.Sorry no pictures.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Still here...

Back to the ticker. It says I have -1 days left. What does that mean?

Anyway, I'm still here, still pregnant, still waiting. It's a new experience being a little bit late. Everyone else was either early (Aspen,) right on time (Olive,) or 45 min late (Cedar.) I guess that teaches me to trust my first instincts, the ones that aren't being crowded out by the moment. From the start I thought this guy would be born a little late. (Not too late though!) Hmm. Being right is sometimes tough medicine!

I did find out though that they will only let me go over 1 week. So no matter what he'll be born by the 28th. (That is good to know!)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Did you see my "ticker?" That little thing that counts down the days...


Although I must confess that I have been needing to remind myself (a lot) that this little guy isn't even late yet and I was the one who kept telling everyone that I thought if anything he would be a few days late. So, there you have it. One more day and then I prove myself right when I would like to be wrong.

Come on down Good Baby, you're the next contestant on the English family tree...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Garden Update

It's Aspen. Here's a little garden post.


The peas are growing well. Shooting up every day!


Olive loves spinach!


We will ward off vampires!


Olive claims to love it!

Hooray. ( You know,I actually like broccoli!)



Tiger lilies


Yellow Flowers

Morning Glories

Thursday, April 14, 2011

2:45 am

2:45 am:

I've spent the last hour lying awake in bed. Trying to decide if "this is labor" or not. This has happened before. I wake up, have a few braxton hicks contractions, then my mind won't fall back to sleep.

It is like that tonight too. Except I had really bad heart burn too. And the more I lay there the more I thought I would either throw up or pass out. Ah-ha! those are my classic pregnancy related "hunger signs."

So now, here I am. It's now 2:49 am, I have just finished up my glass of Ovaltine and I think that I probably won't pass out. I have to wait a while before I head back to bed. That much liquid needs to settle before I sleep on it or I really will throw up.

In pregnancies past I was a die hard instant breakfast girl. I still love it, but HELLO! talk about inflation. Since when does 10 little packets of instant breakfast (no milk even, it's just the powder!) cost almost $6.00?!? Since I'm an addict, do you know what that would cost me a week? Ovaltine is my second string player. When I first got pregnant and I knew I NEEDED something, and I couldn't rationalizing spending more than my future weekly diaper allowance on 10 tiny packets of powder I bought some Ovaltine. (I also got some nesquick because I couldn't be sure that I would like Ovaltine.)

Thank goodness! My second string player has turned out to be my new starting star! (Do you think Ovaltine will pay me for this post?) I miss the variety packages of instant breakfast. I must say I am a sucker for the vanilla flavored.

Well, there you have it folks. It is now 3:05 am and I have tortured you with the ramblings of my middle of the night thoughts quite long enough. My verdict is that no, I am not in labor. I am actually quite happy about that. My mom gets here in less than a week. (Right now it's just a few hours less than a week, but I happen to be counting hours so it's ok.) The kids are smack in the middle of TCAPS (Tennessee State testing) and even though I have night time back ups, I am a bit shy about calling them in the middle of the night.

I really should go to bed now. I promised the kids I would make breakfast every morning of TCAP's. (Per teacher instructions...) Last time this "fake labor" thing happened to me I had super bad pregnant dreams. Do you / did you have those? That is where Jonathon stars in my dream as the villain. Usually I wake up so fuming mad at him that I don't even want to look at him. And usually my dreams play out like some bad tv drama and I wake up right before I have the satisfaction of yelling him down and taking it all out on him. That's why I am so mad when I come to in the morning. I wonder if that will happen tonight. (Just for the record, I am not in any way mad a Jonathon right now *pre-dream time.* We are quite happy right now. His work is a little weird because all of the Japan stuff, but we are great. We even got to go to lunch yesterday. I love lunch dates. I feel like we are cheating they system. No babysitters are involved. I'ts a bit like skipping school...)

3:19 am
I am signing off. Good night all.

Still here. No labor, no baby!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kim's Salad

A few weeks ago our stake RS put on the annual Women's conference. Maybe you would call it something else because our stake actually only does it every 2 years while the other Knoxville does it on the off every 2 years. anyway, our stake was in charge.

**detour** I was called to be the Stake RS secretary almost exactly a year ago. At out first meeting the RS presidency went over what we did. (I have never even been in a ward RS presidency before. I usually am with the kids...) They talked about ward conferences, newsletters, visits, trainings and then that it was our turn to host Women's conference. Last years that the other Knoxville Stake put on was FABULOUS! They started to throw around ideas. Things like have the same speakers who always speak come, then do a craft and have a lunch. UGH! Really? I go to things like that, but not very often to I come away feeling like it was time really well spent. Especially if I have to drive over an hour EACH WAY just to get there. And if they were going to make me put my name by it, double ugh!

I went away from that meeting and the next few similar ones thinking that I REALLY didn't want women's conference to be a something that I didn't want to go to, that I wanted it to be good. Something that I wouldn't walk away from regretting all the time away from my family that it cost.

Most of you know me and know that I can be, sometimes timid, shy or reserved, but not very often. Usually I am too bold and outspoken. Well, I was true to my character this time. I was talking to Jonathon about how much I didn't want Women's conference to be a bore, how I wished that we could make it more like a "Time Out for Women." Something that would make everyone feel good and walk away feeling that the time they spent was a good investment. I talked about how I would love to bring Cherie Call out. (She is our family's favorite LDS singer.) While I talked to him I decided to try. She could only say no, right?

So I got on her web page, emailed her with my idea and I am not kidding, but within 15 min she had emailed me back and said she would do it if we could get approval from the stake and as long as we paid her transportation etc. she did things like that for free.

Wow! Well a few months later we had approval, we had a date, and things were set. Fast forward to March and we are hot and heavy in women's conference plans. I was so excited. I love planning and putting together things like this, especially when I believe in them. I had more meetings and trips to Knoxville than I like, but things were getting put together.

The day turned out to be almost exactly like I wanted it to. (Except the fact that I was so dead on my feet that there was no way I was going to be able to stay for the YW fireside she was doing.)

That day I was in charge of the salad. I thought I was getting off easy. I got Kim's salad recipe that she has made several times for our RS and I was ready. Except I didn't want to go to Knoxville again and buy a Sam;s club membership just to get pre cut and washed Romain lettuce. Do you know how much time it takes to wash and cut (with a plastic knife so it doesn't brown over night) 10 heads of Romain lettuce? Neither did I, but I do now, and it would have been MUCH less time and worth the membership fee to drive to Knoxville.

In the end it was worth it though. The salad was really good, and I have had dozens of requests for the dressing recipe. I can brag that it was so good, because it's not my recipe. I thought I'd share it with you. And this way I won't loose it! The salad is a fruity one and will serve 20-25+ people. The dressing is so good and it works on any kind of salad.

Kim's Salad:

1 head Romain lettuce chopped
1 head iceberg lettuce chopped
1 pkg spinach

red grapes (I used about 4 cups)
grated Swiss cheese (I used about 1 1/2 cups)
sliced almonds (sugared if you want) about 1/2 cup
1 can drained Mandarin oranges
1 pkg craisins
1/2 sliced purple onion
optional: crumbled bacon


1/4 C. cider vinegar
2tsp. Dijon mustard
6T Brown sugar
1/2 C. canola oil

You can mix the dressing in right before serving (It will get soggy if left too long) or make a double (or triple) batch of dressing and serve it on the side. (At Women's conference we ran out of dressing before we ran out of salad because I didn't mix it together.)

Perfect for LARGE family get togethers or RS women's conferences!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun in the sun!

It is really too cold to really enjoy being wet outside, but there is a certain novelty about the first sprinkler time of the year. My children have asked me almost every sunny day since we've planted our little garden if they could get in their swim suits and play in the water, but I have just been too cold to let them. (Good logic, right?)

Today has been pretty warm. It's 70* right now. We had frost this morning. Who am I though to stop the joys of childhood? As I think about bringing another child into this world I have reflected again and again about bringing each one of these cute kids in. It was just yesterday, wasn't it? When Aspen was Olive's age, Cedar was four and Olive was 2. We were wondering if we'd get to have another baby.

Fast forward to today and we are literally days (hopefully 14!) from having that dream come true and yet the three that are playing outside aren't little kids any more. They seem like it right now though. (Because NO rational adult would be out playing in the sprinkler for at least another 10*!)

So let them play in the water! (We can always warm up with hot chocolate and space heaters!) Let them be little kids running and playing and laughing. I might even overlook that their chores might not be done yet, homework isn't finished and piano hasn't been practiced. I am simply enjoying the sounds of little kids playing.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's Aspen. Well, there were some big storms yesterday, and during the storm, the screen door was open (my mom thought it was hot) ,and we heard this big thing of ... Thunder!
that was CLOSE.
Everybody jumped.And today, we found out what the lightning hit:

Yup. Pretty scary.

And now for(what else?) a cute picture of my cat!

Aw, cute!

P.S. I have decided to use color! Like it?
There was hail, too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's Aspen.I know I blogged a half hour ago, but...
Our Beautiful Garden!

P.S. Thank you to the people who comment on my blogs!
I will answer questions if you ask them, so feel free!

Two in One

It's Aspen. I know it is a little late for April Fool's day jokes, but....


Dinner:Spaghetti and meatballs
What it really is:Cake, frosting, jam, and Whoppers

Beverage: Juice
What it really is:
What they really are:Meatloaf and Mashed potatoes
Complete April Fool's!

Now for number 2!

Funny pictures!

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