Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hi, everybody! Aspen here, mostly because as of today the couches are no longer ours and neither is the hutch, mom's dresser, and the rug. No TV and only the laptop and our phones, so the most exciting thing we can do is To sit around and stare at the wall, but 2 nights ago ( on spring break) the snow was falling, it got to like 2 inches high, and ( it's a kid thing ) we felt pulled to go and play in it at, as you can tell, 9:30 PM. Let it be known that I did get cedar back!!! :)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the key is MANPOWER! Mothers, just go inside and bake them some brownies and hot chocolate but MAKE SURE that you save one for your daughter(s)!

Our 26 footer leaving the building!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been an emotional Sunday! We are trying to get packed and loaded. The kids try to help and thy do a good job, except for Linden who unpacks things and Laurel who just wants some attention. We load up the Uhaul tomorrow, I'm really hoping we are ready for it. I just finished cooking my last family dinner in this kitchen and the kids are out with Jonathon playing one last time on grandpa's swing set. I think I can count on my fingers the number of days that have gone by that they haven't played on it. We've had such good memories here. We've brought 3 kids home to this house. There's a little bit of everyone's blood and sweat in the floors and ceilings and walls. As houses go, I think I'll like my new house better, but I would never trade the memories that this house gave me for anything.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy birthday Cedar!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Basement bedroom

Build in book case in house next to kids fav.

Hall to basement bedroom, bath

Cool fireplace in basement

The 1/2 bath

The other side of the renovated garage

The renovated garage. We would need to make 2 rooms in here plus a wii room. Too bad I don't have the gold couches any more!

Skipping ahead to dads favorite. The laundry room.

House 7 there was a dead deer on the side

Master bedroom house 6

Ancient oven house 7

Room 1

House 7 fire place

Fire place house 6

House 6

House 6 mold and water damage. 16 in flood 2 weeks ago

House 5

Most amazing bath tub!

House 5 kitchen

House 4

Side of house 4

View from house 4

Small animal coop. Goat?

Chicken shed house 4

Raspberry bushes, grapes and storage shed house 4

Decks out back house 4

Master bedroom lights

Downstairs bathroom. Sink is before bathroom

Bedroom 5 built ins

Bedroom 5 downstairs it's painted like a us flag

House 4 bbedrrom 4 downstairs with built ins

Built ins bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 downstairs.

Huge food storage room.

Window and ?? In downstairs family room. House 4

Fireplace in the downstairs family room.

House 4 stairs going down. Need a railing!

From the kitchen looming down the hall at bedroom 1, mater bedroom, laundry room and bathroom.

Jonathons study nook

Master bedroom house 4

Laundry room

Built ins in first upstairs bedroom

Upstairs bedroom. House 4

View into the converted garage house 4

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