Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been an emotional Sunday! We are trying to get packed and loaded. The kids try to help and thy do a good job, except for Linden who unpacks things and Laurel who just wants some attention. We load up the Uhaul tomorrow, I'm really hoping we are ready for it. I just finished cooking my last family dinner in this kitchen and the kids are out with Jonathon playing one last time on grandpa's swing set. I think I can count on my fingers the number of days that have gone by that they haven't played on it. We've had such good memories here. We've brought 3 kids home to this house. There's a little bit of everyone's blood and sweat in the floors and ceilings and walls. As houses go, I think I'll like my new house better, but I would never trade the memories that this house gave me for anything.

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Julie L said...

Everything seems to be happening so fast for you, but I'm glad you're able to make the move together as a family. It's never fun to be apart from each other during big life changes like this move is going to be. Bitter sweet, isn't it, as you remember the past but look forward to the future. Best of luck with everything! We're excited to have you a tiny bit closer to our neck of the woods!

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