Saturday, February 26, 2011


This post is for Emily! This is Aspen . Emily requested a picture of my mom, so here it is.

Oh, and meanwhile, my cat has found even weirder places to sit.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Spy + Bonus

This is Aspen.I spy...

a yellow duck pillow
a dragon
3 dogs
2 teddy bears


Ask your kids (or if you are a kid...) these questions to see what they might be when they grow up.

  1. Would you handle snakes and spiders?(If not, you will not be a vet)
  2. Do you like animals?(If not, you will not be a vet)
  3. Are you sentimental?(If so, you will not be a vet or doctor)
  4. Would you go in a house that was on fire?(If not, you will not be a firefighter)
  5. Are you smart?(If not, you will not be a teacher)
  6. Are you good at explaining things?(If not, you will not be a teacher)

What are you going to be?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ball Guns

This is Aspen.My dad got these ball guns at Walmart. And with the weather we have (high 60s) that is just the toy to have!
Awesome!!!! Cool!!!!

P.S.There was a yellow moon last night!It looks much cooler in real life.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Made it

We made it through another snow day. Julie asked in Aspen's last post how many that was this year. I went back and counted. 14! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 14! Which is why none of you will feel bad for my kids when they go back to school in the fall. I think August 8th is way too early for back to school, but I guess when you have a huge winter break, you can't (or at least shouldn't) complain!

I would like to clarify though. And unfortunately I need to because I have been such a Scrooge about all these snow days. I DO like snow days. When they come one at a time with a lot of school mixed into them. I don't like 5 weeks of surprise winter vacation (I would have liked it if it were planned though!)

So rest assured. The kids and I had a great day. The dusting of snow was just what Tennessee should be. Slippery enough for the kids to go down on sleds a few times, then gone by lunch time. I believe it got up to the low 40's this afternoon. It was really rather lovely for February. I enjoyed sleeping in and the kids had fun staying in their jammies until we decided to go swimming. They earned extra computer time by doing chores, so not only did I get a bunch of chores done, but then they entertained themselves on the computer and I didn't feel guilty about excess computer time because they really did work hard for it. (And they love watching each other, so it was nice and quiet for most of time they were playing!) Everything on my to do list got done and everyone agreed it was a great day.

Now, just to clarify. I really enjoyed today, but I don't want a repeat for tomorrow!

And on a different note. When I woke up this morning and learned it was a snow day I turned off Aspen's alarm and then got back in bed. Jonathon asked me what was going on (It's 5:30 in the morning) and I tell him that there's no school and just a dusting of snow. I turn over and laugh and tell him that I want to do this fun blog post about the differences in snow days from Tennessee to Wisconsin. I was going to take pictures from Julie's blog and do a side by side comparison of the snow that canceled school for us vs. the snow that canceled school for them. Aspen wanted to blog about today though so I didn't do it. But if you didn't see it already, jump over to Julie's blog and find her post about the snow day that they had. Then come back and look at the pictures from our snow day and sit down and have yourself a good laugh. It's so hard to call what we got snow when you compare it that way!


It's Aspen. Today I got up at 6:34 am wondering if I would be late for school (I take a long time to get ready in the morning) and I looked out the window and saw snow. I went down to my mom and found out there was no school.
As you can see,there is not much snow.
We eventually went outside.
PS I really love looking at comments, so comment away!

Monday, February 7, 2011


This is Aspen. Really I just needed a topic. Pets is a fun one.
My hamster "washing her hands".

"What am I doing up here?"

My cat sitting in a laundry basket on Cedar's head.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funky hairdos

This is Aspen.OK, I know this is my 3rd time blogging, but who cares? Tell me if you care. Anyway, while I wasn't blogging, we had a "funky" (anyway that's what Cedar calls it) hair day.
And of course, I had a wacky hairdo. How couldn't I?
This is Aspen. I know I blogged a half an hour ago but.....

Here we are making valentines!
My mom got these sticker booklets. Cedar and I gladly gave Olive the Winnie the Pooh one.

100th day

This is Aspen. I am (as my mom told you) blogging about Olive's 100th day of school. She dressed up like she was 100.

My mom put black lipstick on her.
She really does look 100!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sick boy

Cedar is sick today.

A lot of 2nd graders have been out lately. The flu and the stomach virus and strep. His math class has been hit particularly hard.

We've been watching for it. Every morning I took temperatures. I didn't want to miss something with my kiss on the forehead thermometer. Everything was looking good. Aspen has a cold and some post nasal drip that makes her throat hurt, more so in the morning, but she has a great temp. Cedar has had totally normal temps all week.

Including yesterday morning.

I went in the afternoon to pick the kids up and one of the teachers commented that Cedar didn't seem himself. Out he walks and sure enough he is a bit pale and lethargic. He never complained at school, and he had a sub, so I guess no one else picked up his subtle hints.

I got him home and took his temp. 102. Yippee!

I was supposed to be home from 2pm-6pm since they were bringing the new washer (hurray!) sometime between then.

I decided I better take him in because if this was the flu then I wanted him to get on tamaflu ASAP. I usually don't freak out from just a fever, but with it going around school like it was and being pregnant, I decided it would be worth the co-pay for the piece of mind. Jonathon came home just in time to meet Mr. Washer man. Cedar and I were off to a full Dr. office. (Don't touch anything!)

It turns out I am glad we went in. He has the flu. Type b which I hear is better than type a. (???) He is on tamaflu and whether it is a miracle drug or we just have an easier case I don't know, but so far it's not the misery I thought it would be. (knock on wood!!)

You can tell by his eyes that he is sick, but he's not rolling in misery or acting like he's dying. His temp isn't too bad and he's eating and drinking.

Let's just hope that it just stays with him and he isn't generous and shares!

tune in later today or possibly tomorrow when Aspen posts her blog about Olive's 100th day of school. She took fun pictures this morning and walked out the door excited to come home and blog.

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