Monday, June 20, 2011

Fun weekend

My cousin Danny came to visit this weekend. Boy were we lucky to have him! The kids were (litteraly) all over him. He took them to see Kung Fu Panda 2 (and they got candy!) and then swimming at his hotel. This was perfect for me because Linden had his 2 month Dr visit complete with shots which made for a not fun day for him or I. I'm glad that the other kids didn't have to share that day with us!

Saturday the kids had a swim meet. It was a little like the meet that never started. Due to a communication error we thought the meet started at 8:30 (It was actually scheduled to start at 10:00.) Then the other team had problems with their software and so we didn't start until 11:20. (we had been there since 8:15am.) Finally when it did get started the coach was trying to hurry things along since there was a severe thunder storm moving quickly our way. Each of the kids got to swim one event and then the thunder and lightning started. They called a 30 min delay to see if it would stop, but a quick look at the weather, or just the sky told us all that this thing was not over! They called it off just minutes before the skies opened up and dumped buckets. We went to lunch and then fathers day shopping instead. It seems that Wal-mart is a popular place to go when it rains! We topped the evening off with games and treats.

Sunday we celebrated Fathers. I am lucky enough to have the worlds best father and the worlds best Husband who is an amazing dad to my children. While I know that neither my dad or Jonathon are perfect, they both shine as amazing examples of what a father is.

We sent Danny off Sunday night early to get to bed early for his early drive to Nasheville. At 4am when he should have been on the road we had an epic lightning storm. I was up feeding Linden when it started and it looked like someone turned tn the lights outside and set up a strobe light. It really was like nothing I had ever seen before. By 5am there were 3 kids in bed with us. Danny texted to let us know he mad it to Nasheville and the storm seemed to stay pretty local to us so once he mad it out of town it was clear skies for him.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just pictures (almost)

My mom asked for pictures, so here they are!

Linden is growing like a weed. He is laughing and smiling and showing personality that keeps all of us smiling right back. He's starting to sleep a bit better. (Thank you!) He's even found a friend. When ever he looks in the mirror, there he is! He will laugh and talk to his "friend" for as long as I will hold him there.

Olive finished up art camp last week. She had so much fun and made many fun treasures and even more great friends.

We've had lots of fun with friends and water!

Sorry these were so random.

Happy summer!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cute, Adorable, Beautiful, Lovely, you know.

It's Aspen, here to show you this video that you HAVE to see! He smiles in this video more than I've ever seen! So cute!

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