Monday, November 30, 2009


(This November we wrote down one blessing a night to try to focus on our blessings. This is our blessings mirror.)

Thanksgiving was a much quieter affair this year. After our plans to go to Wisconsin got postponed, we were, home alone.

Around noon on Thanksgiving day we realized that our neighbors weren't doing anything for Thanksgiving. Since they are Japanese, they probably don't feel like they were missing much, but at the very last minute we invited them over and it made for a really nice evening.

Black Friday I was up at an unearthly hour of 3:00 am. I wanted to do some power shopping, though there really wasn't much on the list, it's in my blood to get up and shop. (see Julie's blog on the right for proof of that!)

After being #249 in line at Belk and getting my $5 gift card, braving Wal-mart and what seemed like dozens more stores I came back home with my meager treasures.

Later that day, Jonathon asked me what I wanted to do today. I told him, "take a nap." So, that's what I did. Before he took his turn napping, Jonathon suggested we go bowling after dinner. It sounded like fun, so after Jonathon's nap, we hit the bowling alley.

Note the glasses and slightly groggy look. I took my nap with my contacts in. Translation, my eyes were not at all happy with me!


Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

So much fun packed into a weekend. I love your idea of the mirror with blessings on it. What a great tradition to start.

Mom L said...

I, too, think the idea about the blessing wall is a great idea. Have to put that on my list. And I love that you were able to get bowling pictures that were not all backs. You guys are wonderful!

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