Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to make a six sided snowflake

Its Aspen, here to show you a really simple and easy way to make a six sided snowflake. Grinch, I highly recommend this.

First, you start out with a plain piece of paper

then fold a corner over

and cut the excess off

and fold it in half again.

This is the hard part: fold to form a "half a kite"

then fold the rest over

and cut AT AN ANGLE!

Then you cat cut random cuts like this

and end up with this!
Note: the smaller, the more cool and realistic!


Marie aka Grams said...

Great instructions, Aspen. Well done. xoxoxo love you

Julie L said...

Well done, Aspen!

Seth and Julie said...

How pretty! I have never been a very skilled snowflake maker. I am not sure if you were talking to our Grinch or not, but he has been thinking about some kind of snow activity. He was hoping for sledding and snowmen but we haven't had any snow yet so these snowflakes may be just the thing, if he can figure out how to do them. Thanks Aspen.

Sarah said...

your welcome julie! thanks!

Sarah said...
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