Sunday, February 19, 2012

No Snow

There has been less than an inch of Snow this year, and they always call for snow and we get either none or a pitiful dusting. I can't believe how much we loved the snow when we were little, though. Take a look:

Yep. It just doesn't have the same affect now.

Yet this picture was taken in 2002!
Some more snowy pictures:
P.S. It is calling for 2 inches of snow tonight. Ha!


Julie L said...

Last year we all had plenty, didn't we? And this year, hardly any. But we did get some last night and today. Maybe it will keep it's strength until it gets to Tennessee?

Seth and Julie said...

Aspen, It is raining here today. Raining in WI in February! SO weird...but I don't miss the snow.

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