Friday, March 30, 2012


This is Aspen,and we discovered a new hobby (or prank) to do during spring break. It is kinda funny,you look and you are staring into artificial eyes-bwahahaha.

"You smell amazing, honey." "Be quiet."
Ooh la la.
(Cedar put the eyeballs on me once he saw this- I don't blame him, though)
"Look! A 3 leaved clover!" "Where!?" "Gotcha."
Please don't kick me.
Bozo the clown.
Just say you love the color of my eyes....
This was funny: right when I put the googly eyes on this one, the mailman put the flag down and got the letters out. :)

Like 'ze goatee?
Do I smell funny to you?
I hate my job.
Kick it to me!
I'm watching you...
Hope you like it....Stay tuned 4 more???


Julie L said...

Hahahaha! (Should I be encouraging this?) Love your sense of humor!

Jonathon said...

I love the captions!

Marie aka Grams said...

Aspen, you are hilarious. Those are great pranks, and you've pulled them off beautifully. Clever girl. I think you have a future in comedy.

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