Sunday, September 9, 2012


Well, we adjusted the swing so Linden can swing ALL BY HIMSELF so here's a cute video of me bragging about him. P.S. Sorry the video's kinda shaky!!!! Oh, and Linden and my Dad got chased and bit and tripped by some dogs, so Linden is all scratched up and Dad had to get stitches.   -Aspen


Emily said...

cutie patootie!!

Seth and Julie said...

Ack! What kind of dogs? Were they taking a walk? Where were the owners? Where are your dad's stirches? I feel like we need a post about this. I hate to see that baby all scuffed up. I hope they are both healing quickly.

Marie aka Grams said...

Wow, he's so scratched up, it makes me very sad. He's growing up fast, isn't he?
You're a great big sis.

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