Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pictures galore!

It's picture time!! We went to Double Arch the other day and got some awesome pics.After that we went to this really cool giant sand dune which you could slide, sled, or run down. There were a couple big rocks perfect for sitting under and jumping off of.
One of Cedar's many spectacular jumps.

 Yet another.

My dad joined him.

 At the Double Arch, we went into this cave that seemed to be the house for many, MANY mice who left the most adorable footprints.
At the Arch(es)
 Some pretty cactus flowers

And now we go to some random pictures ( some of which are from SEVERAL years ago)

 My dad's windshield in 2010
The snow in 2010
 We've always liked midair pics.

And for all you sentimental people out there, my first day of kindergarten.
 And because when you have 4 siblings you NEVER have the limelight...

That's it for now!


Julie L said...

Love all the photos, Aspen! The sand dune looks way fun! Never thought you could jump and slide in sand like that.

Jonathon said...

I love all the old photos you dug up. So cute! Thanks for posting.

Linda "Frankie" Franks said...

I loved seeing all of it! I sure do miss all of you, but seeing the photos lets this Oma Linda keep up with the English's!

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