Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I love it when I happen upon something great. It seems to happen often. I notice it most when I'm paying attention. (Unfortunately I get busy and forget...)

I found one of those great things today. And would you believe it was right next door to another great thing. I took Linden and Laurel to Cortez today. The middle of November means that turkey's are on sale for amazing prices. So we loaded up the coolers and set off. An hour and a half (Record time for us!) in Wal-mart is about all I can ask from the kids, though I did ask for 5 minutes in two more stores with the promise of lunch at our favorite park ever. (Great thing #1.) the only problem with the park is it's lack of bathrooms. So we decided after a while of playing and eating and chasing ducks to walk over. The Cortez library has the best children's area I've seen at a library. A story time room with soft play mats, a kitchen and manipulatives. There is a full size kayak with rock shaped pillows and tons os toys and puzzles. There are of corse books and computers but the Heer
space that us devoted to the kids area is amazing an super fun. I now know where we'll go instead of the mcdonalds play place when we visit Cortez this winter!


Tony and Ann said...

What a great place to go! And the smile on Linden's face is precious!

Marie aka Grams said...

How serendipitous to find such rewarding treasures. I'm happy your journey of discovery is continuing in your new area. Then you can show us all the fun.

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