Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Alex Thank you for asking to see Linden in his costume. If you hadn't have

Dear Alex,
Thank you for asking to see Linden in his costume. If you hadn't have asked I might never have gotten a picture of him where you can see his costume. He wore his bat costume to our trunk or treat, but can you believe it? I didn't take ANY pictures of the trunk or treat. I almost didn't take him trick or treating because he had a stuffy nose. I even tried to bribe Aspen, Cedar and Olive with a movie and bag of candy from the store. (they didn't go for that at all!)

When we put Linden in his costume he just wanted to roll over and crawl away. I got a few pictures of his back! We tried again today and finally got one! He wasn't happy at first, but a trip outside to the swings fixed that. He loves to swing!

thanks for letting us come and visit you! We miss you already! Next time we see you Linden will be able to play more. Maybe he'll even be able to go down the hurricain with you some day!

We love you Alex!
*Sarah *

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Seth and Julie said...

We love the cute bat costume and Alex thought it was so cool to have a post to him.

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