Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 Pinewood Derby


Seth and Julie said...

Can I admit, without getting struck by lightning, that I have been dreading when Alex turns 8 and has to go to Scouts? I have never loved the program but seeing a Father and Son working together and gathering up awesome memories together does soften my heart. I love that they went with TN orange for the car.

Julie L said...

Brent and I were just made Bear Den Leaders. Kind of funny at our gray haired age, but we're having a lot of fun already. There is so much good that happens in Scouting. There is a reason that the Church has adopted the program for its youth here in the United States.

We get to do our Pinewood Derby this month. Brent's determined he's building himself a car for it, too. (They are having an Elders Quorum race after Pack Meeting is over). Looks like that orange racer was built with a whole lot of wisdom and love. Way to go!

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