Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cedar had the pine wood derby tonight. Grandpa English shaped his car and sent it to him then Jonathon helped him paint it. He made it into the top 6 and he won a trophy for best sportsmanship. It was a lot of fun watching Jonathon and Cedar get the car ready. Jonathon came to me one night and almost teared up as he described the process as similar to watching a daughter get ready for prom. It brought back so many memories.

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Julie L said...

Way to go Cedar! What a fun time! You both look great in your Cub Scout uniforms, too!

Marie aka Grams said...

I think the Sportsmanship trophy would be the most valuable of all. It shows that you really understand that life is about how you participate, and not always about the outcome. We are so proud of all of your efforts. Family togetherness is evident. Grandpa was so pleased to be asked to participate. Way to Go, Cedar!! We love you.

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