Monday, October 1, 2012

Wee Play Zoo!

Olive had a Dr. apt. this morning in Koxville. Looks like we are back on daily meds for asthma. She wasn't really bad but the Dr. thought that for the winter we would be better off with them. Since we were already in Knoxville and she was already out of school we thought lunch at the zoo would be fun. It was raining so we are hanging out at the kiddie play area of the zoo. Olive built this cool house with the huge tinker toys!


Seth and Julie said...

What a fun treat to sneak away for a little extra time with mom. Those one on one (or two, with Linden I guess) dates are the ones my kids seem to remember the most.

Julie L said...

Huge tinker toys, I guess! How fun! Sorry she has to go back on the daily meds, however. I guess we can all be grateful there are daily meds to help, though.

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