Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat

After Cedar and I got home from his last soccer games and Jonathon had been playing Mr. Mom all day we hurried and finished up our costumes for the trunk or treat.  I had seen this neat idea for a skeleton on pintrest a month ago and had everyone but the girls on board for a family costume.  The original idea was to make everyone's, but after finding cedar and Linden perfectly wonderful skeleton jammies that they liked, I decided that a done costume was worth 10 unmade wonderful home made ones!  Good thing too since up until it was time to put on our costumes I was drying them with a blow drier!  Jonathon made the cute baby skeleton and it turned out about a million times better than the thing I had made.  (Think alien baby.)

Jonathon and I.  (With baby!)

Aspen who wanted to be a cat, not a skeleton.  (Forgive my beauty, I hadn't even looked at my hair since we left for soccer at 7:15 am...)

My cute boys!

Our skeleton family.

Olive was too busy running around getting and trading candy so I never got a picture of her.  I will be sure to get  her Wednesday before we leave the house.  She was a very cute devil!


Marie aka Grams said...

Those are about the greatest costumes ever! That baby skeleton is adorable. Well done. xoxo

Julie L said...

great costumes! Amy showed up at our ward Trunk or Treat as your twin. ... great minds...

Tony and Ann said...

I couldn't really see very well on the cell phone pictures, but these are great! Love the costumes. No one would have known about drying your costumes if you hadn't posted about it! Can't wait to see you guys!

Seth and Julie said...

Too cute! I saw that on Pinterest too and it cracked me up. I was about to ask where Olive was but then I got to the bottom of the post and answered my own question.

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