Sunday, September 1, 2013

After getting some work done around the house we headed to Cortez to visit their rec center then pick up Aspens new bike. The rec center was REALLY nice. It was small but every inch is packed with all the things a good center should. They had great family bathrooms. (4 of them!) the pool was fun. It has a 0 entry play area, water fountains, a little duck slide that Linden loved! A lazy river, a big slide, and a separate lap pool with a diving board. After we swam and got ready we went and climbed the climbing wall. The kids can scramble right up. Jonathon and Cedar made it to the top of the hard side, Aspen was working on climbing under a ledge, Olive loved climbing up then jumping off, linden geared up and we hooked him to a rope but he had no clue what to do. It didn't help that the carabiner was in his face. I even tried. Aspen took a very UNflattering video, so I do have proof.
You'll just have to believe me though, I'm NOT showing it to anyone! We had a great time!

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Sarah said...

We can always edit it so its just your face... Aspen

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