Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sunday afternoon we headed out to camp at Goodnecks state park. It's really just a big overlook if the San Juan river, but with a bathroom and it was ok to camp. (No actual developed camp sites, but plenty if flat spots to put up a tent it two. (We now need 2 tents to fit our family!) we drove there via the Moki dugway. Have you heard of it? It's 3 miles of UNPAVED gravel switch backs carved into the side of a cliff. There is a 10% grade and 15 MPH with 5 MPH on the curves. I made Jonathon drive. I wasn't even sure if it was wise to go down it in the van. We made it though the first view off the cliff gave us all vertigo.


Emily said...

nope. I can't do that. nope nope nope nope


Marie aka Grams said...

Oh My Heck, I can't believe you did that! And your picture looks like there's a snake in the lower right. I know it's my imagination, but you know how I worry. You guys are brave adventurers. You make Grandpa proud. xox

Julie L said...

Fascinating! Never heard of it, but now I want to go ... in a teeny tiny jeep kind of vehicle, but I do want to go!

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