Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday weekend

It seems like my birthday really starts the Christmas rush. This is a happy thing for me. This year was no exception, and since it is a full 15 days after the happy day and I am just now getting the chance to sit and write about my day.

It all started at 6:30 in the morning actually. It WAS a Saturday, so I do wish it would have waited at least another hour or so. But...the first snowfall of the year must be sledded on, and sledded on quickly before it goes the way of frosty and melts away.

By 7:30 am, we, well, the kids anyway were out sledding. I joined them when our friends came down. It was great snowman building snow. I still remember the first snowman we ever made out here, it was about 10 inches tall. We would bring out the Mr. Potato head pieces and stick them in balls of snow because that was as big as it got. But this snow, it was real snow! And the snowman was a much more respectable size.

After breakfast and getting dressed for the day it was time to go get a Christmas tree. We haven't had a real tree since Aspen was a baby and we lived in North Carolina. There was just no point if we were going to pack up and head to Utah for most of Christmas.

This year, however in not a pack up and head to Utah year. (sob) So off to the Christmas tree farm. The librarian at Cedar's school had a little tree farm at their house/ mini farm. It looked so much like Christmas with the snow, it was wonderful! Fun to get it from someone we know too! It is a white pine which means it is full and beautiful.

Next was off to a birthday party. (Not mine.) Olive's was invited to a friends party and her nice mom called up and invited the other two along. We are a buy one, get two free family. It was at fun expedition, which is similar to Chuck E Cheese, with a few "older kid" attractions. It was a lot of fun for everyone. I love it when I am friends with my kids friends moms. It makes get togethers like these sooo much more fun.

The funniest part of the party was when the kids played laser tag. There are six 5 or almost 5 year olds who have never played before, my oldest two and three kids who are just there. One of the unknown kids breaks down when we get into the arena. Poor girl is scared to death and the man running the thing has no clue what to do. He tries to get one of us moms of 5 year olds to "chaperon" her. This little girls has no idea who we are and she is starting to hyperventilate. We suggest that she might not want to play and she immediately starts to calm down. We all thought it would be one of the little kids, but they were super excited.

The little (big actually) suits that they have to wear are heavier than some of the kids, I think. The kids can't hold up the gun without using two hands. Then, when they shoot each other they are about 1/2 an inch away and they shoot over and over and over, then follow each other in a little parade line. It was sooo funny! The man in charge actually had to ask the mom's to leave the kid alone and stand against a wall because we were trying to break up the parade. We all just laughed that the mom's were in time out.

Then it was home to decorate the tree and have dinner.Aspen made my cake. (All by herself.)

A very fun day.


Seth and Julie said...

Happy Late Birthday Sarah!

Looks like it was a good one. I love the cake Aspen, very nicely done!

Such a special season to be born in. Busy and hectic, but special.

Katrina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! What a great, and busy, weekend! I wish that you had had a chance to do some laser tag - it really gets the aggression out. :D

You look exactly like you did in NC. Next time try to age a little, kay?

Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

You crack me up, Sarah. You had me laughing out loud about the laser tag. Next time I send money, take the family out to laser tag, o.k?

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