Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Olive!

Today my baby turns 5.
I can't believe it.

Tuesday she had a birthday party. I tried in vain to get her to have it at McDonalds. That is the easiest birthday party EVER! She instead decided that she wanted a pinata party at home. That means my house had to be fit for however many kids plus their parents. (I don't know if it is just out here, but not many people drop off their kids at a birthday party and then come back and get them. A lot of the parents stay. It's ok, it just makes for a LOT of people.)

So, after the house was cleaned and the big day is here, 13 kids show up. (Plus 7 parents stay.)

Olive was in heaven.

(I just survived.)

Then yesterday we headed with Olive up to Knoxville to the pediatric pulmonologist. Asthma is a new beast to us. They changed her medication to a 2 puffs, twice daily inhaler plus singulair. And a rescue inhaler. Phew!

After we got home we still had a few hours before we needed to pick up the kids so we decided to go and get Olive's present. For her birthday she wanted to get her ears pierced. She was so excited and even though she knew that it would hurt, she said it was ok. Thank goodness there were 2 girls there so that they could do both ears at the same time. After they did it she said, "Ouch!" Then a few seconds later she started crying. It didn't take too long though. She was really excited and keeps saying every time she looks in the mirror, "I can't believe I got my ears pierced!"

This morning she was up bright and early. We opened presents and had the traditional chocolate chip pancakes. She asked for pizza for dinner, "The kind you buy." (I guess she's not as excited about my home made pizza as I am. Oh well.)

So that's it. That's my baby. She has a personality to charm a wild lion. She is determined. She is observant. She is brave. She is friendly. She is cheerful. She is unselfish. She is beautiful.


Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

Happy Birthday Olive. Yes, She is all of those, adorable, lovable, funny, friendly and.....on and on.
We love her to pieces.

Cristy said...

Happy Birthday Olive! I sure love you! I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday!
And Sarah, I can't believe your baby is 5 either! They grow up so fast! Love you all!

Seth and Julie said...

Happy Birthday Olive!

I want a close up of the earrings. What a big girl!

I must admit that I have always found Olive to be incredibly charming, so much so that I sometimes want to keep her. She is such a doll!

Emily said...


Love you so much and am so proud of you getting your ears pierced! What a big girl!!

Maya says LOVE YOU!!

Tony and Ann said...

Olive--your mom said she told you the story about her ears--how she got one pierced, then jumped off the stool and went running down the mall SCREECHING. She only had one earring for a few days, til I finally ripped that one out! You did so much better--I am so proud of you.
Happy Birthday!! We love you!

Mom L said...

So sorry to hear about the asthma. That is an unhappy thought on such a happy occasion. Happy Birthday to you Olive. Seems like you were just born, and now you're five! Hooray!

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