Monday, September 19, 2011

Of all the toys available in our house can you see which one is his favorite? T

Of all the toys available in our house, can you see which one is his favorite? The old cup that one of the kids brought home from a party. We had been using it in the tub to pour water with, but Linden (who has found his voice) let us know in no uncertain terms that he wanted to keep that cup! It's funny, I set the box of toys in front of him and as soon as he sees the cup he's not interested in anything else. (at least until he's played with it for a few minutes.)

*are you sick of me yet? I'm sure the novelty of phone blogging will wear off soon enough, but since Linden isn't into sitting with me at the computer while I type one handed this is kinda fun for me. Though I do wish my phone had spell check...
*Sarah *

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Tony and Ann said...

Guess I will have to get him some more for Christmas!! WooHoo! 49 cent clearance cups--

Julie L said...

Definitely not sick of you! It doesn't take a lot to keep a baby entertained - just make sure it's a bright color and they can hold onto it. And it's safe. Looks like he's found all three in the cup!

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