Friday, January 27, 2012

Have I told you how much Linden likes wheels? I don't know why the obsession bu

Have I told you how much Linden likes wheels? I don't know why the obsession, but if it has wheels on it, he's after it! We were at Cedar's game last night and Linden discoveres that the big garbage can had wheels! What fun! He pushed it around until I wouldn't let him any more. He will crawl around "pushing" any of his wheeled toys and playing trucks is his favorite game!

More interesting fact about my children: Aspen learned how to extract DNA from a banana! (ask her, she'll tell you how. She actually did it!)
Cedar can jump HIGH! We watch his basketball games and when the ball is up, out of no where you see this head and arms rise up above everyone else. It's amazing.
And did you know Olive has turned into some sort of super reader? Watch out Aspen and Cedar, your little sister is coming right up!
Another fun fact! Jonathon signed up to coach Olive's soccer team in the spring. We've been musing (is that the right word?) about wheat kind of a coach he will be. A fantastic one!


Marie aka Grams said...

Thank you for this lovely post. I love hearing (and seeing) your beautiful children (and you). LOVED the Christmas You Tube !

Emily said...

Guess he's another "all boy" child for you!! And wish we could be there watching those kids grow up.

Tony and Ann said...

That comment from Emily?? It's really from me--didn't know she was already signed into her account on my computer.

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