Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday when Jonathon read my post he said, "You forgot to say what your resolutions are!" It took a long time to convince him that I really just wanted to remember the quote. I wasn't asking for help with my resolutions.

This year I am keeping resolutions VERY simple. I have one resolution. I am not sharing it.

What I liked so much about that quote was it focused on the PURPOSE of the resolution, not the resolution itself. This year my goal is VERY doable. In fact, probably one of the reasons I am keeping it to myself is because it is likely laughably easy, you might think I have no ambition. I do, (have ambition, I think) I just feel like I would really like to look back at this year, when December 31st comes around and see my resolution fulfilled, and then look closer and see if the PURPOSE of that one resolution has been engraven in my being.

Over the years I have had MANY resolutions. Many of them are (were) on a 30 year run. (Keep my room clean.) and some of them were just things I thought would be fun, or more likely, I thought they were things I should be doing. (Write in my journal every day.) These were all good, though not many of them actually got done, and even fewer were remembered as far away as February.

I am a believer in goals. Setting them and working towards them. There is something magical in saying this is what I want to do, this is how I'm going to do it and then working really hard to get it done. There's a focus. But when there's a purpose, the work, though hard, is put into perspective.

So here's to 2012. Easy or hard, whatever your goals, may you find purpose!


Marie aka Grams said...

Nicely stated. Best of luck in achieving your purpose.

Seth and Julie said...

Even easy goals can make a big difference....small and simple things! Better to succeed at an "easy" goal than to set 100 major goals and fall on your face, right? Good Luck!

Katrina said...

You don't have to post them to the world - but do write them down. It is soooo satisfying to cross stuff off - it gives life & hope that you'll be able to tackle the next thing on your list!

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