Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching up

Olive has a fever today.  And a cough.  Summer sickness is the pits.  Though, don't remind her she is sick, it will only make her mad.  She is loaded up with Tylenol and feels just fine! (Thank you very much! And why can't I play with friends???)

So the kids are all occupied upstairs.  Linden is even getting in on the action!  He is right where he wants to be.  In the middle of playing with his siblings.  

So that leaves me downstairs.  Ignoring the breakfast dishes.  I have already stalked my favorite blogs and no one has posted anything new.  Facebook holds little interest, the news is bleary and I don't dare get hooked on pinterest.  

That means it's catch up time!  And it has been so long since I've sat down and done much real blogging (ie: not from my phone!) that I just got a fun surprise.  Blogger has made it really easy to upload a lot of photo's at a time.  My program would crash if I did more than three, but I just did every photo you see here and it was done in seconds!  Way to go blogger!  Thanks!

So, Here's the picture tour of our last little bit of school.  All of these pictures were taken on my phone, so quality may sometimes seem like it's from the 80's, but at least there was pictures.  I didn't get pictures of some things and I will never be able to go back and get them.  

(Warning!! This is a very heavily packed mommy bragging post.  If you aren't a grandparent, you might not like it.  I'm pretty biased on how great my kids are, and in this post I lay it on pretty thick.)

Here goes...

First up (These aren't actually in order, but they were all shoved in the last 2 weeks or so of school, so I don't know that it really matters...)

Awards day.  The English kids really cleaned up academically.  Chalk it up to hormones, but I was tearing up as my kids got award after award.  They are really amazing kids.  

The medal around Olive's neck is from winning the county wide writing contest.  She wrote a book in October.  It won the school contest then went on to win the county one.  
It's a "Tall Tale" titled "Me and Fanxdine."  

She also won for having the most AR points in her class.  (You will find this is a trend in our house.  Reading is a strong point here.)  There were several other awards too.  She's a pretty amazing kid!

Aspen is headed out of elementary school.  (Oh my!) and they do a lot of awards for the 5th grade.  It was funny, and emotional as she popcorned in and out of her seat.  There were something like 20 awards given (many had multiple students receiving each award.) and she got up 11 times.  Toward the end it was funny as her classmates announced her name with every award before the teachers did.  This is (one of the places) that Aspen shines.  She got one of the top AR point awards, highest percentage in reading, language, social studies and math. She got a funny little advertisement plaque for her speech and a trophy from Scholastic bowl.  And several more I can't remember.  I don't know what middle school will be like for her, but whatever she does, I have no doubt she will succeed!

Cedar brought home a paper saying he was getting an award and that I should come watch.  But he didn't just get one award.  He cleaned up too.  Top AR (an English kid trend.) honor roll, math award, and presidential physical fitness award. (1 of 2 boys in his grade.)  He is naturally good at anything he tries.  What an amazing boy!

Aspen's Scholastic bowl team.  She was captain of the math team and on the reading and social studies team.  They came in 4th in the district.  The best part of the whole thing was watching her get herself up early 2x a week to be at school by 7:00am and being so excited to go.  Tuesday's and Thursday's were her favorite days.

This is the only picture I got from Olive's parents day.  At the end we went back to her class and looked through the folder of things she had made during the year.

Aspen's 5th grade field trip.  They went bowling.  I came to a little bit of this one because I haven't lost my cool yet.  (I think I'll cry the day one of my kids doesn't want to be seen in public with me...)

Cedar and Olive both also had field trips on the same day as Aspen.  Olive's was an hour to the east, Cedar's was an hour to the west.  They both said they had fun, but they got to spend the time with their class instead of with me...

Field day.  In one word...HOT! toward the end there was a breeze and some clouds, but it was hot, hot, hot!  I had misunderstood the way they were working field day this year so when I got there I went right to find Olive and MISSED Aspen's LAST event.  (Not my best mommy moment...) This is Olive doing the tripod race and Cedar the mile relay.

The Literacy Carnival...  This is my project with PTO.  It turned out really well, we had tons of volunteers and the kids had a ball, but I was sooooo glad when it was over and everyone went home!


Seth and Julie said...

Holy Cow they won a lot of awards! Our school doesn't do any awards at all which is a bummer, but then again, maybe it is for the best. My kids might just end up feeling bad when they didn't get 11 like their cousins! Well done to the whole family on another year well done.

I can't believe Aspen is going to Middle School!!! That means only one more year til we make that transition here. Yikes!

Marie aka Grams said...

Well, hormones or not, I was teary just reading how wonderful your kids are. They have great parents. xoxo Congratulations to all !

Tony and Ann said...

And what's wrong with grandparent posts?? Thoroughly enjoyed it! They are amazing.

Julie L said...

Right. Great-aunts can certainly enjoy them, too. You have every right to beam with pride for jobs so well done by the kids. I am a strong believer that every child deserves parents and grandparents in their cheering gallery! Way to go, every one of you!

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