Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have you heard of speed stacking? Yea, me either. Until about a month ago when Cedar and Olive came home with pamphlets from PE. In a nut shell, you have 12 cups and you build pyramids as fast as you can then take them down as fast as you can. It's an actual sport. When Olive came looking for ways to earn money to buy a set I told her to get some cups out of the cupboard. (Wrong mommy!) There wasn't really a way for Olive to earn that much money so Jonathon came up with a good plan.

We had been trying to get Olive to decide on a birthday activity. She was going back and forth from a family outing and a friend party. Jonathon suggested she host a cup stacking party. Since they've been doing it in school all of her friends know about it and like it and that way we would foot the cup stacking bill.

The cups came yesterday and the party is in a week ( as long as baby doesn't want to come to the party!)

The kids are having fun. Stay tuned to see if this was the best party idea yet or... Not!

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Seth and Julie said...

My kids did this a few years ago in PE too and they sent us order forms for the cups. So funny to me that it is a "sport" but a super fun activity for sure and I bet the party will be great and Olive will be so happy to have those cups to keep after it is over.

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