Thursday, July 25, 2013

I bought a box of plums from bountiful baskets Saturday. My thinking was that Aspen, Linden and I all really like them. What I wasn't thinking was that we would all be eating the MANY apricots that are around as we'll as some really yummy sales on raspberries, strawberries and blueberries that brought so much fruit into our house these bast few weeks. (This is not a complaining post. I LOVE this kind of problem!) the result is that although we have been steadily eating our plums, this morning found me with very ripe fruit that needed to be dealt with or tossed. So this morning has been cool (a different post could tell about the crazy powerful thunder storm that sounded like it was going on in my attic!) so jam mankind morning it was!

Have you ever made plum jam? I haven't. I don't even remember if I've even tried it! This batch is tart and almost tastes like cranberry sauce. Hmmm. I wonder how it would go with turkey or pork loin?!


Tony and Ann said...

You HAVE had plum jam before, but never tart. Maybe I just had a recipe that had more sugar?? If any of your sisters are headed that way soon, you'll have more jars!

Brian and Tonya said...

Ooh that sounds good on pork. You are Osgood to actually do something with your fruit before it goes bad. I'm embarrassed to admit how much fruit I throw away.

Julie L said...

I throw too much away, too. Always thinking I'm going to get it consumed and thinking it's still good in the fridge and then going to eat it and realizing it's only about a month old and growing white fuzzies (or green or black). So gross. Plum jam would be great with a lot of things. Way to go!

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