Friday, June 19, 2009

Gardens Alive!

A few pictures to let the kids show off their gardens. We didn't plant sunflowers this year. We are concentrating on only edible plants. (Yes, I know, you can eat sunflowers, you know what I mean!) with a few stray morning glories that must have gone to seed and sprouted without our help. So far we have harvested more bags of lettuce than we can eat, 3 cucumbers and bowls full of blackberries.

I am hoping that we can get enough cucumbers when we are back from Utah to make green stuff. There is nothing quite like it in the stores.
Aspens cucumbers are going to have no place to go in a few more days. In a day or two, we should be well on our way to at least a cucumber or two a day from her garden alone.
Olive's garden has been the slowest to get going, but her tomato plant finally got a few little baby tomatoes, the yellow squash is big but no squash yet, and her cucumbers look like they might rival Aspens given the chance and a little time.

: italic;">Cedar's garden has a few little baby zuchini and lots of green tomatoes. I think I may need to bottle tomatoes this year. It already looks like we are going to have them comming out of our ears!

The harvest! (So far!)
Cucumbers a'la Olive


Cristy said...

Girl, you put me to shame! We haven't had a garden in 2 years! (OK, before everyone reading this collectively gasps in shock- we have had a garden many other years, just not recently.) What a great way to get the kids involved! Yummy, too!

Seth and Julie said...

Don't feel bad Cristy, we have never had a garden.

I love that you are letting the kids each take ownership of their own little garden.

Mom L said...

I love the use of the swimming pools! What a fun way to get children involved in something other than video games and DVDs!

Brian and Tonya said...

Wow, you are just amazing. What do you do with all that lettuce? I really need to plant a garden. Sigh....maybe next year.

Tony and Ann said...

Aspen--We finally had some of our own lettuce. Nothing like yours, but all ours. Both quarter-size leaves. I decided it was enough for a taste. Wish I had your green thumb here! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon! We loved the letters from you guys.

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