Monday, June 22, 2009

Ode to the porcelain throne

Ode to the Porcelain Throne
-by Sarah English

The throne of peace has been invaded
By my children three.
My sanctuary midst chaos
Is now a used-to-be.

Some how the wee ones have radar
That tell them when I have sat down.
They run to the door with lightning speed
Trying to knock it down.

A fight had broke out!
Someone's not fair!
I need chocolate milk!
He's pulling my hair!

I'm hungry and you're tho only one
Who is able to toast some bread!
I've fallen down, I'm bleeding!
And now there's a bump on my head!

Mommy! The chorus shouts.
When are you ever going to come out!?
We are waiting here, watching the door
And soon we will start to pout.

I sigh a goodbye
To these stolen moments alone.
A deep breath, a last glance,
Farewell to my porcelain throne.


Mom L said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, so so true! Is there ever any place for respite, for peace, for retirement? Oh, hang on Sarah. Those days will return. And when they do, you'll find yourself missing these days, too. (Just a little bit.)

Emily said...

hehehe. Little Miss already does that!

Becky once told me of a time that she locked herself in the bathroom to cry (just one of those days) and all of a sudden she saw four little hands coming from under the door and two llitte voices saying "Mommy? Mommy?" She said it just made her day.

Cristy said...

You are hillarious! And quite the poet! I've totally been there... why is it that they can't talk to me without touching me? Mommy needs her space!!! As bad as it sounds, I've actually told the kids that mommy is in time out and needs to be left alone... if only they actually bought it... :)

Seth and Julie said...


I gave up on any kind of privacy long ago. I don't even shut the door so I usuaaly have at least one child in the bathroom with me while I do my business. I think that is why I stay up too late. I am trying to capitalize on a moment alone.

Tony and Ann said...

Again those poetic words--What goes around comes around!
Mom (yours)

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