Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today was Aspen, Cedar and Olive's first day on their new swim team. They are joining the Moab team this year. We are actually hoping to get a team started down here next year, but that will be it's own story! They enjoyed it and are excited to keep it up. We will only go to moab once a week and they will work out here the rest of the time. They missed the first meet last week, but are excited for Saturdays meet in Price. 

Another first... Linden pooped in the potty. I'm not in any hurry to potty train, but he hasn't gone all day and he started to get "the face" in the tub. Since I'm not all that excited about sanitizing the tub at 8:30 at night, I promptly bribed him and told him if he pooped in the potty I would give him a candy. Since it was the first time he's ever sat in the potty, I think the bribe thing worked out pretty well! I wonder if he'll say anything tomorrow. 


Marie aka Grams said...

A picture of two beautiful babies. And a success story too. Sometimes those little triumphs do a lot in the "hope" department. xoxo

Tony and Ann said...

Bribes always worked well for you guys!! And that's great about the swim team--they are all little fish.

Christy Hooley said...

What a beautiful family Sarah!!!

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