Saturday, May 4, 2013

I want to get more pictures on here from Laurels first hike ever. But until then we had a ton if fun hiking to delicate arch in Arches National Park. Laurel did awesome in the back pack and Linden walked a bit and Jonathon was super dad and carried him the rest if the way. Cedar and Olive proved to be part mountain goat and I'm betting Aspen enjoyed herself. She said she liked everything except the walking up and walking down. All in all we had a good time playing in our new back yard!


Julie L said...

Without question you've landed yourselves in the middle of some of the most unusual and beautiful landscape in the world. That's a pretty tough hike. I'm impressed!

Seth and Julie said...

Oh yay, you have not abandoned the blog just because you live near family now and I am excited to see all your new adventures. I have never been to Arches. Crazy, since I lived in Southern Utah but maybe now I will manage to get there and you can show me around.

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