Sunday, May 5, 2013

Goodness, a lot of things have happened, but my dad wants me to blog about our new Monopoly rules (which are awesome).

Well, We are still working out the kinks so they are kind of vague but its OK. First of all, it sometimes works really well when you are on teams. Mostly because you feel really bad when you have to charge your guest 2000 dollars and then win (at least I do), so you can team up against them. Usually it works best with 2 teams of 2.

Also, make up your own Chance and Community Chest cards, because some of them are really lame. Do things like Get A Free House or something.

Next, do the railroad rule. If the railroad is unowned, you can buy it or go to any other railroad oon the board for free, If it is owned, then pay the owner then go. You do not pass go while on a railroad!

We also play with two dice AND make up special "Supa-Powas". Once you get a monopoly, you can pick one. It can be something like Every Time You Pass Go Get 500 Dollars or Go Either +1 or -1 space Not Optional.

We also do a thing that once you are bankrupt, you keep playing. Like if I got bankrupt then I would keep going same as always EXCEPT: I cannot win no matter what And I do not have to pay rent! Although, with your PASS GO money you can buy properties and CHARGE rent, therefore ending the game quickly.

Oh yeah, and if you land exactly on GO you get 400 dollars.

Well, chime in and tell us all of your ideas! Also tell me what you think isn't the best.

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Julie L said...

Aspen, those are fun rules! I love creatively using the game to meet your own family's needs. I think Monopoly is just one of the funnest games ever, but it always goes on and on and on, so anything to make it go quicker without taking away the fun is a huge plus to me!

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