Monday, May 27, 2013

Grandpa, Liz and E

This weekend we Grandpa Bob, Liz and E came down to spend the weekend with us! How awesome the we can do that!
We started off Friday by meeting them in Moab to swim. Saturday we headed to natural bridges national monument. It's about an hour away. Cedar went on his end of the year field trip there with the 4th grade. He came back telling us about this awesome hike that he wanted to do again with us. 
I looked it up and it was .75 miles each way. When we stopped at the visitor center the ranger said that a lot of people took kids on the Kachina bridge hike and that my dad could do it if he took it slowly. So off we went. 
Usually when you hike you go up first. That way when you turn back you've got the easy part left. But when you hike into a canyon from the top you go down first and in the back of your mind you're thinking about the trip back up. There were a lot of steps going down and I worried about my dad being able to make it, but he said he was doing fine so on we went!
I'll have to find a picture of the bridge on the other camera, I didn't get one on my phone, but it was an amazing bridge. A little to the side of the bridge there are some ruins that you could see up close. 
After having our snacks and playing we headed back to the top. The ranger was right, the kids scrambled up like mountain goats, Liz carried E and Grandpa Bob took it slow and steady and he made it to the top. (Although he did resolve to be in better shape next time. See the previous post!)
Laurel did really well too. I was worried since her last hike when grandma and grandpa English were here wasn't so fun for her. 
All in all, the verdict is that we love the hiking here, but we haven't been here long enough to know what we are getting into when we set off. So beware, I might take you straight down a cliff!
I do need to give a big thank you to Allison for giving us their old baby back pack. It sure makes hiking with the little ones much better when we have 2 back packs!
When we got back grandpa Bob took Olive fishing and she caught Sundays lunch. She has wanted to go so bad. She called him up last week and asked if he would take her. 

It was a great weekend! Who's up for our next adventure?


Julie L said...

so fun having you back in the neighborhood! Loved seeing Aspen the other day, too. Looks like a great weekend for you all.

Seth and Julie said...

Hooray for being able to pop n for a weekend visit! It looks like you are all loving your new home and I would love to come hike with you.

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