Sunday, April 26, 2009

"The Noticer" by Andy Andrews

"The Noticer" by Andy Andrews was a surprisingly good read. I was contacted by the publisher about itt 2 months ago. They said I could review this one as part of a special promotion to generate notice for the book the day before it comes out to the general public. The cover looked good, and the few sentences summing it up seemed ok, so I thought I would try. I had gotten my second book in December I think. It is a self help book and I thought it would be good to expand my reading repertoire. I think I am still under 50 pages. I am not much of a self help book reader. When I got "The Noticer" it's 156 pages seemed like they would be an easy afternoon read. Then I turned the book over. Above the bar code there is a place to print the genre type. My heart sank when I read "SELF_HELP / Personal Growth / General. I did NOT want another self help book. But I had promised that I would read it and blog about it on April 27th. So I got to work, because I thought, this was surely going to be work. It only took a few pages to realize that this was not your typical self help book. I guess if I have a self help style, this would be it. It is really a story, or several grouping s of stories with a few characters that are woven into the whole. And these stories, really just have some great morals with a few simple yet true and helpful bits of wisdom tucked in there so skillfully, that you don't realize you're being taught.

"The Noticer" is a story about a man named Jones. Not Mr. Jones, just Jones. He's a noticer. He seems to pop into someones life right at the crossroads and starts to point out things that only an outsider with some extra "insider" knowledge could. Andy Andrews does a good job at making you care about the people that he introduces you to. He makes you excited to meet the next one and I found myself trying to guess how he would handle each situation. This is a fun and easy read that made me want to go back and reread a few parts. Perhaps what I like the best is that he didn't try to pack as much information, advice, parables, theories and anything else he might have wanted to into this little book. It seems like he chose a few of the most important things that he wanted to say and get across and stuck with that. I didn't come away from this book overwhelmed, I came away refreshed and feeling like I could be a better person. Would I recommend it? Yes, most definitely!

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Emily said...

His name is Andy Andrews!? No wonder he wrote a self help book!

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