Friday, May 1, 2009

My movie

The journal jar question is back. Who would play me in the movie of my life along with who would play my family. I didn't word that quite like Em did, but that's the gist of it.

For me...In my early years it would be a toss up between Emily Watson and Kiera Knightly. I think I was about that obnoxious.
Keira Knightley is set for a busy year

See full size image
For me in my later life I think it would be Olivia Williams

For Jonathon he is in a toss up between Bill Murray and Toshiro Mufune(He chose those ones!)

Our kids would be...Olive is Dora , Cedar is McCully Culkin, Aspen is, I don't know. I Don't know any child Actresses. Help me with this one!

The title of my movie would be, "Into the Forest"


Emily said...

Me likey!

I think Aspen would be the girl who played Matilda in Matilda. She looks like her and is just as smart as her.

Katrina said...

Tee hee hee! I dunno, it just struck me as funny that Emma would be saying all your lines with a British accent. She's Hermione, right? "I went to the cubbad and it was comPLETELY bah." I dunno, but if you ever do it, I'll bring the pop corn!

Sarah said...

Hmm, I just realized that all 3 of the me's are British. Maybe I should lay off British books and movies. And Emily got the girl I was thinking of. I just couldn't remember her name or the movie she was in! I'll have to update!

Seth and Julie said...

Oh my gosh! Cedar IS Macauly Culkin. I have never noticed before.

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