Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Many of you know that I'm a bit of a psycho about the number of toys out at my house at a time. I'm not really big on picking up toys all day, and I think that if there are too many toys out to be picked up, that just means that there are too many toys! We have a ton of toys, and even though as the kids get older their toys are getting different, smaller sometimes, but we still have tons of 'em. We aren't ready quite yet to get rid of them, so we switch them out every once in a while.

I totally love this! Here's how it works, we have a portion of the toys out, then when the toys start to get left out too much, not played with, and it's been a while we switch them around. The ones not out are in the garage. We put the ones away that we are ready to store for a while and then get out new ones. I let the kids help choose, sometimes. The rule for that is that the toys that they get out have to be roughly the same size as the ones we put away. No matchbox car in exchange for the train table! Then the magic begins, the kids are totally enchanted by the toys again. They remember how to use them and what some of their favorites were and the play room is full of busy, happy people! I love it! Just like Christmas with out the wrapping paper.

We did this yesterday and the play room has been so fun, especially since it has been raining so much. Even the little people that my kids are probably technically grown out of worked well when paired with the other doll house. Olive built amazing train tracks and Cedar has "17 creations so far" in his collection.

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Tony and Ann said...

Great idea. I should have tried it. All I did was throw yours away while you were at school and you haven't missed them yet!

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