Sunday, May 17, 2009

Aspen English! It's a landslid of awards!

All of her awards, medal and ribbons from 2009.

If I were writing the newspaper article that chronicled this years 2nd grade awards, that is what the headlines would read! This past week has been the time for Aspen to really shine and show what it is that she does best. Tuesday we went to the Walters State Community College where she received an award for a book that she wrote with her class. Then Thursday was the awards ceremony for Manley elementary. I didn't know that she even really cared about what she got until that morning. She said that she really hoped that she got the Principal's Choice award. It is the top award you can get and she has gotten it 2 years in a row. She wanted to make it three. She did end up getting it (phew...) and she also racked in 8 other awards. Top reading, top math, writing awards, you name it, she probably got it. (Except perfect attendance. Nope, she didn't get that one.) It was a nice day for her. She has worked really hard this year.
Principals Choice Award. One boy, one girl per class.

Lakeway writing award

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Seth and Julie said...

She is too smart! Good job Aspen.

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