Sunday, January 10, 2010


A while back I saw someones blog who had on their side bar a whole list of goals. 100 of them I think. She had set 100 goals to be accomplished in in 1000 days. I thought that was such a neat idea. There were really big ones, and there were little ones too. I've thought about it a lot since I saw that blog. The little ones give you something to accomplish while you are working on the big ones. And that way the feeling of accomplishment is stretched out. Things are continually getting crossed off the list, even while the bigger harder things are still being worked on.

Now, 100 is a really big number. Not an unreachable number, just really big. For me, since this is my list and all, I didn't think I would ever get 100 goalable things done, even given 3 years. It would be too overwhelming. So I decided to get down to a more realistic number.


Not too big, not too small. Yep, it's just about right for me.

I also figured that since I am shaving off the number of goals, I probably better shave a little off the number of days to get it all done. I'm giving myself 2 years. That should be enough time for even a procrastinator like me to get everything done that I set out to do. And if I am super quick? (not likely,) but if I am I will just add some more next January!

I know you are dying to know what my goals are. I can feel it all the way out here. (OK, so maybe you're not dying, but at least are you mildly curious?)

I set my goals under a few categories, they are

Some of the categories run into each other. Personal and family seem to a lot as well as personal and gospel.

I do want to share my goals. They just require some explanation. I am going to post one goal a day for the next 22 days. I want to know what you think of them. (well, to be honest, I only want to know if you like them. If you don't like them or think I am a nut, please don't comment.) I want to know if you've done anything similar, or what your favorite of something like I am wanting to do is.

Let the new year begin!

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Seth and Julie said...

I like it! I am excited to hear what you've come up with.

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