Friday, January 15, 2010

New recipee

Do you ever get totally bored with the 15 or so recipes that keep popping up on your dinner table? I do. I have the staples, things like stir fry, bbq chicken, spaghetti, ham loaf and pot roast. Then there are the “fancy” things, like curry and shishkabobs and turkey. And then there is my favorite, soup.

Every week, day after day, week after week, we recycle these recipes.

And what about breakfast? How many waffles, pancakes, French toast or eggs can a person have before breakfast gets really boring?

And lunch? Mac and cheese? Chicken nuggets? Grilled Cheese? PB&J? Are you totally bored yet?

I am!

This boredom has turned to the inspiration for this next goal. I want to learn a new recipe for every meal, snack and desert in one day. That doesn’t mean that one day I will slave in the kitchen over recipe after recipe, just that I will expand my new recipe search from desserts only to include every meal of the day. When was the last time I tries a recipe for snack? I want something new, but not too complicated or fancy. I want to find a new recipe that my family will love that I can add to our family favorites, rotating them in with the waffles and stir fry and chicken nuggets.

What are your favorites? What are your go to’s? Do you want to send me a recipe and a picture of something you think we will love?


Seth and Julie said...

Okay, now you are speaking my language. I love to cook, but I think it is only because it means that I will soon be eating.

Here's the problem, I am scrolling through the recipe book in my head and I don't know what to share since you have food aversions to both cheese and wheat. I think I cooked my only wheatless, cheeseless recipes for you when you were here so I guess those will have to count as my contributions to your new recipe collection.

I love Mexican food SOOOO much so if you want tacos, or enchiladas I can help you. If you want lasagna or ziti or other cheesy stuff, I can help you. If you want sandwiches, meatball, french dip, chicken salad, I can help you but I am afraid that breadless, cheeseless and not spicy are not my thing. Sorry! If it makes you feel any better I thought your stir fry broccoli was yummy and I am not usually a broccoli fan, but I guess anything would get boring after awhile.

As for breakfast and lunch, I just let everyone choose their own breakfast and lunch, which means that I usualy end up making 4 different things. I have been advised that I am creating work for myself by doing this but I don't like to be told what to eat at every meal and so I assume my kids don't either. So I give them what they request, and eat what I want to eat. For dinner, you get what you get, and I think that is fair. For breakfast we love eggs or omelets but I think you said your kids don't? I also like banana bread pancakes because they don't need syrup and I don't give my kids syrup. Too sticky, and even more sugary than cereal (which I do allow, because it is easy and at 6:30 I like easy).

Anyhow, once you find all your new recipes, pass them on.

Marie aka Grams said...

Yes, Sarah, I hear you, and even now with all my recipe files, I get bored to death--mostly because I have to fix it. I love any meal someone else cooks, unless it contains brussel sprouts, the only vegetable I can't stomach.
I'm sorry Jonathon's system is so sensitive to the easy foods to prepare.
I would love to send you some recipes. Choose which meal. xoxo

Katrina said...

I tend to fall back to the basics as well, but through the kindness of my SIL, we have gained a new and FANTASTIC family recipe: meatloaf.

I never much cared for it growing up, bleeeeh. But this one is SO GOOD that Abigail requested it for her birthday, and the kids cheer when it's on the menu. We are now all meatloaf lovers. Well, of this recipe at least!

Lemme know if you want it!

Mom L said...

Heather made me a new recipe box for Christmas and now I'm busy putting my OLD recipes on NEW cards for my NEW box. Funny how so many old favorites never get made any more. Part of the reason is lack of kitchen, but even more I think it's that I just have kind of grown into that old rut thing. Yes, it's time for new food, and old food renewed, too!

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