Monday, January 18, 2010

Share the Gospel

That last post I waxed a bit spiritual. I don't do that a lot here. I don't know why. The gospel is as much a part of me as the blood that runs through my veins. It really is who I am.

I think that the gospel is beautiful. I think it is intelligent. I think that the gospel covers everything and everyone. To me, it just makes sense.

I treasure the knowledge that I have of the plan of salvation. I know where I came from. I lived in heaven before I was born. I am a spiritual daughter of my Heavenly Father. He created me in his image. He loves me. He loves me so much that he wants me to be like him. He created the earth so that I could come to earth to gain a body (like he has) and be tested. And He loved me soooo much that he know I wouldn't pass all of the tests. I would sin and that sin would keep me from becoming like him. So he sent Jesus to atone for my sins. He knew I wouldn't make it with out Jesus. And Jesus, being my older brother loved me too. He came down to earth and suffered and died so that I could repent.

Heavenly Father knew that because I am mortal, I would die. And he had Jesus take care of that for me too. Jesus suffered and died on the cross and then he overcame death. He was resurrected. Now, because of him, I will be resurrected too.

Heavenly Father knows how much I love my family. Jonathon and my kids and everyone. He made it possible that we could be together forever. Not just until we die, but for the eternities. There is no price I wouldn't pay for this little part of the plan. None. But, it isn't a buy and sell deal. It is a gift. I just try to keep holding on to it each day.

I want to share this gospel with everyone I know. The problem is a few things. First off, Mormons aren't always looked on with kindness around here. A lot of people have been given incorrect information and when people say bad things about my beliefs it's sometimes hard not to take it personally. I'm trying to get over that part of the south. It never bothered me before. Mostly though, I don't want anyone to think that I think that they are not good enough the way that they are. That I want to "fix them." I don't. My goal is not to baptize someone. That is not my decision. I just want to share. To not feel so self conscious when the topic turns to religion that I keep quieter than I want to. To show more respect to others and their beliefs and still show the conviction that I feel for my beliefs.

Over the next two years I want to work on that. Sharing the gospel. Letting the love that I have and the testimony I have been given flow freely from my lips. Just letting it out. Not being bothered if it is mocked and rejected and doubly making sure that I don't mock or reject anyone else because of their beliefs.

How about you? How do you show what you believe in your day to day life? Have you ever been offended or offended anyone when the topic of religion came up?


Mom L said...

When things are confrontational, it just doesn't work. Never will. But I've found it's very easy to explain my beliefs when the topic just comes up naturally. And it will when you're around friends. You know that. You've had experience with that all your life and your example continues to influence my life.

By the way, I was trying to post a reply to your previous post last night and the computer wouldn't let me. Think I just hozed up my connection to the Net. So I'll post it now, but this is about scripture study and prayer and just plain living the way we're supposed to live:

I think we all run through times in our lives when those 1001 excuses derail all our best intentions. And I've been derailed for longer than I dare admit in public. Thanks for the post. I want to jump back on the tracks with you and do the same. I miss the daily communion that comes with scripture study, the daily revelation and inspiration in my life. Lately I feel like I'm missing out on something very sacred and dear to me and I want it back again. Mind if I join you?

Love you, Sarah! Thanks for your great example.

Seth and Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony Sarah. I will echo what I said yesterday though, even when you don't open your mouth I can tell who you are and what you believe. Maybe I run my mouth too much on the blog. I sometimes worry that I am offending others with my constant Mormonism on the blog but it is my journal and they don't have to read it if they don't like it.

But....while I have a big mouth on the blog, I am being too tight lipped about the gospel everywhere else. I want to do better too. Not to try to convert someone either, but to help them understand what I believe and open that door if it is a door they are ready for, or interested in. I tell myself all the time that it shouldn't be scary. If you care about someone you tell them what is important to you and they shouldn't be offended. They should be grateful that you cared enough to share, even if they disagree, right?

But it was SOOOOO much easier when I could hide behind that black name tag.

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