Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clean and organize my basement

If you've ever seen my basement you'll get this one and you will heartily agree that it needs to be done.

I often joke that I would like to do a control burn in my basement. Just get it gone!

The problem here is that when I start looking at the junk (and really, 90% of it is junk) I get all sentimental and can't bear to throw out even scraps of paper. It is ridiculous. I could toss out all of Jonathon's old stuff and only save a few things without a problem. I am not emotionally attached to most of his pre-me stuff. He is though, and so in the spirit of marital harmony I try not to toss without permission. The rest of the stuff though. The kids old stuff, my old stuff. It all has little strings that pull at me when I see them. Awww, ohhh. How could I ever even think of getting rid of that? What if I might need it some day?

I want to take the next two years, and it will probably take the entire two years to get it done.

Wish me luck. I'll need it.

How about you? Are you n the it's easy throw out the junk team or the keep the junk for 100 years team? And any of you tossers, any secrets that you want to share?


Emily said...

Have you ever seen the show Hoarders? I am scared when I watch that show because I see a lot of me in it! But I am doing better! It helps that I have a husband that cleans the big stuff for me so I don't have to have my heartstrings pulled.

But we are trying to simplify...simplify....

Katrina said...

Have a relative move in - suddenly, you get super realistic about your stuff.

As you look over your mess, ask yourself, "Is it a friend (something you really use) or a freeloader (something taking up space)?" If you don't have space to save it - take a picture and let it go on to bless the life of someone else.

Just because it is sentimental does not give it the right to take up $269.56 each year in storage costs =(Your mortgage per month/sq footage of the house,) x how many months it just sits there.

It will take you ONE Saturday. Done. And one trip to the DI. We have a saying around here about useless crap, "It is a P-I-T-C-H!"

For further assistance, read Jeff Campbels "Clutter Control". You can buy it, or read it in a chair at the Barns & Nobles....

Call me up, let me know how it went...

Tony and Ann said...

Guess you come by it honestly!! My suggestion?? Move to a much smaller house--forces you to get rid of "stuff"!

Seth and Julie said...

I am a tosser, but even still, after living in the same house for 5 years now I am feeling cluttered. I spent the whole day today reorganizing and throwing stuff away. I personally throw away or give away anything that is not being used, not matter how personal or expensive it was.

If it was my kids favorite outfit I take a picture of them in it. If it is a really cute piece of artwork they made I take a picture, or scan a copy. NOTHING gets saved. No newspaper articles, no old dance pics, no sentimental gifts that are useless, no knick-knacks, NOTHING.

But, your brother is a bit of a pack rat. I think I told you that he won't let me throw away a pretend Flinstone's shaving kit that one of his sisters (maybe you) gave him for Christmas 100 years ago. He is getting better though, with my constant nudging.

My best advice would be to really look at what you are clinging on to, remember that one day you will have to leave it behind, ask yourself if you use it or need it for any practical purpose, and then toss it.

In college I had a little tiny cupboard above my closet in the dorms that I called the sentimental value closet, and stuff that was purely sentimental in nature went up there. If it got full I had to eliminate some of it. Maybe allow yourself and Joanthon each a limited amount of space for "sentimental saving" and then start making some decisions.

Okay, that was a long response but this was on my mind since I reorganized drawers, and closets, and bins and cupboards all day long.

Mom L said...

I have found during this remodel that I live with an awful lot of stuff I can live without. I've been living without it for a year now. I'm hoping if we ever get this kitchen done, I will be more selective about what I move back into it. Maybe I need to do that before we move back in?

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