Sunday, January 31, 2010


Since we are snowed in this weekend. Really, we are. They even canceled church and it was ward conference today. Sometimes it is funny to live in east Tennessee after growing up in Wyoming. But, since I have time today I will get back on to my goals.

I do have some updates at how I am doing, but most of them aren't for ones I've even posted about. But here they are:

I have learned a new recipe. I actually learned it at Seth and Julies. It's Cowboy Potatoes. It's just mashed potatoes and then you mash in with them steamed carrots and corn, It's really yummy and is a great alternative when there is no gravy to be had.

I'm doing pretty good at the project life. Thank goodness my phone has a pretty decent camera on it or it would be a lot harder.

So on to the next one...

I want to learn how to can. You know, preserve things in jars. I know how to make jam (yummy!) and I've even made green stuff with Grandma Loveridge, but that's it. I've seen my mom do it when I was a kid, but I've never had much of a desire to learn it for myself. Now though, I WANT to learn. There is so much wonderfully fresh produce around here that I would love, love, love to take my kids, pick a bunch and preserve it.

There is a lady in our ward who does it every year and she said I could come and help. So I'm hoping that in the next two season's I can get it figured out.

Wish me luck.

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Mom L said...

Oh, big luck to you. Great goal. Here's what I've learned: the steam canners work great for fruit, salsa, and pickles. You have to use a pressure canner for lower acidic things like veggies and meat.

There. Now you know. Good luck!!!!

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