Monday, January 11, 2010

snow day(s)

OK, really. It is getting just a teensey bit ridiculous. Since Dec. 18th my kids school schedule has looked like this:
Dec 18 Early out at 11:15 (went to the movies that day as a field trip)
Dec 18-Jan 4 winter break
Jan 5 2 hour delay
Jan 6 normal
Jan 7 early out at 1:30 due to "snow"
Jan 8 snow day (it really did snow for that one)
Jan 9-10 weekend
Jan 11 snow day
Jan 12 (tomorrow) snow day



Tony and Ann said...

Hey--check my comment on your "no white" blog. Maybe you oughta start right away with NO WHITE SNOW days!!

Seth and Julie said...

I am starting to think your teachers are just not ready to come back from Winter Break.

Cristy said...

Wow! So how do they work that out? Do the kids have to make those days up? Makes it hard to "get back to a schedule" when the school's keep messin' with the schedule! How fun for you! ;) Love ya!

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