Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It's been 10 years!

Can you believe it? Ten whole years since that really cold day in Manti when Jonathon and I became a family of our own.

We're not doing much to celebrate today. We are just back from a really fun trip to Wisconsin to see Seth and Julie and their fun family (See Seth and Julie's blog --> for further details!) And in not even a month we are taking our anniversary trip. So, today is low key, but low key and cleaning (which is also slowly getting done) often lend time for thinking. And I've been thinking about marriage.

My new church calling is temple prep teacher. I just started a new class with a young couple who will be getting married in a month and a half. And who can resist dishing out all of the advice you have on two such accepting people? As I've looked back I see so much. Joy and heart ache. Somehow we got to where we are now. And it doesn't always feel this way, but sometimes, when I am reflecting, I feel like I must be in a fairy tale. Or an Austen book.

You see, in fairy tales and books, there is always ups and downs, misunderstandings and miscommunications. There are times when the prince and princess wonder what they've gotten themselves into, and if it is worth it. And it is those times, when the prince or princess decide that YES! It is worth it. All that hard work that you didn't think would apply to your marriage because you were the exception, is worth it. The hard looks at yourself and the hard looks at your spouse reveal glimpses of what heaven must see. You see all that can be. All that will be, if you build it. And then, along the road you get times, days, weeks or maybe just hours where you savor your "happily ever after."

10 years! Here's to 10 years and 10 years and 10 years and 10 years and 10 years and an eternity more!

I love you Jonathon!


Seth and Julie said...

Happy 10 Years!

It really was cold that day, and to think just a few weeks earlier me and Seth got married in 80 degree weather. Oh well, no matter what the weather we are both 10 years on our way to forever! Woo Hoo!

Have fun on your anniversary trip. Can we come next time?

Marie aka Grams aka Gramarme said...

Happy Anniversary. We are certainly thrilled with your marriage and your wonderful children, and think that huddling around in 13 degree weather with nasty wind chill 10 years ago was worth it. I have learned that happiness comes in snatches, and one must stay alert so you can catch it in the moment. While I love the fairy tale endings of "Happily Ever After", I'm learning it's because we work at it along the way. Love you.

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary Sarah and Jonathon!

Tony and Ann said...

Ah yes--the frozen roses; the mad dash to be late to your own wedding reception; the B&B that didn't have heat; the "but I'm the BRIDE" when someone else wanted the bathroom; the missing cake topper (I will take credit for forgetting it); the cute kids from your class. What a great 10 years for you guys!

Mom L said...

Oh, an experience I actually remember! No, COLD is not the word for that day - more like FRIGID! But it was beautiful. The sun was shining and you made a very striking couple, still do. Congratulations! It's fun to see the great progress in your lives ten years later!

Katrina said...

One of my favorite "sarah-isms" would have to be watching you fold laundry - exactly as you found it. "I told him that if he didn't turn his clothes inside out, that's how he'd get them back..." And I've admired the heck out of ya ever since!

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