Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tourist in my own back yard

I have liven in Tennessee for 6 ½ years. For all of that time that I have been here, I haven’t seen very many of the sites that are so close to me. For this goal, I want to see the sites that are around me. Some that I can think of, (though this isn’t my “list”, just a brainstorm) are:

  1. Ruby falls and look out mountain
  2. Other Tennessee state parks
  3. I want to hike the Appalachian trail. Not all of it. A mile or two would be enough. But it is an hour away from me, I’ve driven over it, but my feet have never actually touched it.

What about you? What are your favorite Tennessee, or “back yard” sites?


Seth and Julie said...

I love this goal. One thing I have loved abut moving away is that I get to be a little touristy at home. This is a different world than I grew up in so I walk around with a camera and take it all in. I never did that in California because it was just what I was used to looking at. Now I am getting a chance to be a tourist there too and notice what I took for granted as a kid.

My list of places to see in my backyard are Door County, Madison (Packers game), Minnesota (mall of America, and my friends who moved there), and I also want to head over to DC, NYC and Palmyra although those may not quite be in my backyard, but while I am in driving distance I want to get over there.

Oh yeah, and Nauvoo.

And I want to continue to explore SE Wisconsin and Chicagoland, with lots of trips to the really MUST come some time.

Take pictures and keep us posted as you fulfill this one.

Emily said...

I know that in Texas Branch and I wanted to visit some of the sites: The Alamo, Galveston, Houston, The Dr Pepper factory. But financially and with a newborn it wasn't possible and now I am sad. We do plan on going back someday and doing those things we never got to do.

Now for here...I was so excited to move here. I remember making a list of things I wanted to do and places I have wanted to go since moving her and I have done some but not all.
*I want to go to Cedar City-Branch and I have only been one time since we were married 6 years ago!
Canyon, Zions...all the places dad use to take us all the time
*I want to Hike the Y.
*I still plan on going to all the temples in Utah (lets hope!)

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